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Thursday, August 23, 2012

More deck patching

First post in three weeks! Writer's block.....

It rained all weekend three weekends ago so nothing to write about then. The following weekend I was hobbled by a strained muscle in my back. I did patch the holes in the port side cockpit deck that weekend but I also re-injured the muscle while doing so.

This past weekend I made some real progress. My blinker is on and I am about to turn a corner in the project!

The rainy weekend was disappointing but my new toy helped wile away the hours. A boat sized bass.

I managed to strain my back by simply stepping out of the shower. It always seems to happen in such a mundane way. Even when I re injured it, it was not during my heroic attempt at boat work while crippled. It happened again that evening while rolling over in bed after I made these port side patches;

Healthy again and no rain for three days a week later allowed me to get'er did. The Grind.

The backed bottom patches pulled up snug with mono strung through the centers and wrapped around the sticks. The 2x4s are there to keep them from falling over and unwinding.

I let those harden so they would not sag but still slightly tacky. Then I patched them.

I let those tack up then painted with neat epoxy, let that tack then faired.

The dead soldiers

It is amazing how long it takes to do this shit. Ninety percent of the time involved is preparation. The other 10 percent is equally divided between actually doing the work and drinking beer.

I left a lot out for speeds sake. I have to be leaving for work five minutes ago!

Fair winds...._/)