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Florida flat-lander refitting an Alberg 30, hull #329, for an eventual circumnavigation of the globe and the journey of a lifetime before I get too old!

The Boat

Cookie is a 1968 Carl Alberg designed, Whitby Boat Works manufactured, 30'3" sailing yacht, hull number 329. The make and model is best known as an Alberg 30. Made in Canada out of hand laid fiberglass, she is a tough, strong boat that is capable of sailing very far.

Alberg 30s are known for their beautiful, classic lines and thickly constructed hulls. They are also described as "seakindly" which means they give a nice ride in rough seas. They are found all over the world and a few have circumnavigated. Most famously of these is Yves Gilenas. Another, who at the time of writing this is about to complete a circumnavigation, is Kirk Little aboard Salsa.

I bought Cookie, then named Scout, sight unseen from a Craigslist ad out of Annapolis, Maryland. The price reflected the amount of work needed to be done to her if you know what I mean. Over all though, she was in good shape for a forty four year old boat. After completion of the deal, I made arrangements for her to be stored "on the hard" (land) at a marina in Arnold, Maryland. A couple of months later I drove there to see my new baby. I have to tell you and I am not ashamed; I fell in love at first sight.

I spent a week with her during that trip. I went over every detail of her bits and pieces, took pictures of her every nook and cranny and thoroughly enjoyed every minute aboard. You are welcome to look at the pictures I took which are in this album:

I had a trailer made for her and had her hauled her to Kentucky where I am currently living and working. She is in the midst of a complete refit and repair project. The project is coming along nicely but a little slower than I wish.

Pictures of the project and progress can be seen here: SV Cookie's Albums

I hope to update this page with some pictures of a fully restored Alberg 30 yacht in the not so distant future!


  1. The devotion you have for Cookie is evident and astounding. I am looking for an Alberg 30 presently, and your postings are both inspiring and sobering. I've learned a good deal from your process and documentation - Like taking a course - and I'd gladly pay for it! many, many thanks. Mike

  2. I have recently purchased an A30 #282, "Black Knight.". Fell for that lady the first moment I saw her but condition and asking price were not in line, so I waited for 2 1/2 years. Watched the price drop until I felt I could make an offer I thought I could work with. I figured a counter offer was in order but to my surprise, they accepted. She is on the hard sitting on a custom built 3 axel trailer. She looks to be as originally outfitted so there is work to do according to all that I have read. Let the games begin.

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  4. Hi there, I own #330 since 2005 I've done a lot on it so far. Trying to make her top shape for her 50th birthday :-)

    If you want too take a look she's on facebook just check for Alberg 30 #330 1968