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Florida flat-lander refitting an Alberg 30, hull #329, for an eventual circumnavigation of the globe and the journey of a lifetime before I get too old!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Blog? Who? Me?

Well, it has happened. I have created a blog and thus commited myself to hours upon hours of sitting at the computer updating it religiously for no one to read. In the future I will be scrambling on the water, risking life and limb and anchoring in illegal areas to get a wifi signal so that I may bring the latest news of my journey to the world!

For anyone that reads this first post, understand that it is meant to be a test so that I can set up the blog and make it pleasing to the eye. If you have any suggestions on the layout, colors scheme or anything else please feel free to comment. My feeling so far is that the map background is too busy but I like it because I love maps!


  1. Hi Jimmy, Kirk Little here currently sitting on Alberg 30 #504 in Bali Indonesia just days away from setting off across the Indian Ocean. Nice Blog site! Not sure if you have visited my site and James Baldwin's but you can get some good info on fitting out an A30 for Circumnavigation there. I have some ideas / comments for you if you send me an email ; kirkalittle at hotmail . com. Hope to here from you and best of luck!

  2. Rest assured your blog is being read by those interested in boats, boat restoration, carpentry, fibre glass, quality name a few applicable interests! I've stumbled across your site - from where I don't know - and have now skipped to the back to start at the beginning!