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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I got sole!

My last post is a study in indecision, procrastination and denial on a subliminal level. When I started writing it, I felt so smart and knew exactly what to do next.  As I typed, my confidence in the course I was about to embark upon dwindled. The main reason for this is that I was ignoring a problem that I walk all over every time I step down into the boat. The sole! The "floor" for you non-sailboat lingo exposed landlubbers.

Actually the sole is fine. It is what lurks underneath the sole that is the ugly problem. There are several bilge compartments down there that have very questionable bottoms. These bottoms act as a shelf of sorts holding items stored within up and off of the keel providing a space for accumulated moisture a path to the bilge. The things I need to keep in the two aft compartments are my future, very heavy house batteries.

In the current configuration, these compartments are not vertically big enough to hold the batteries I have chosen (4x Trojan T-125 6 volt). So, even if they were not approaching being rotten, I would still have to "replace" the bottoms of them to fit the batteries with room to maintain them.

When I was writing my previous post, I realized that my next logical step was refitting these compartments and I became instantly depressed and quickly closed with what I now know to be false directions I was heading in. I have already done work on the boat that is grosser, harder and less heroic. I dread this task because I will be dealing my ability to walk in the boat a serious blow. Without the sole in place while I am doing this work, it will be very difficult to walk or even crawl in the boat. Not to mention climbing down the gangway since it will not have a floor for support. This is going to suck!

On the bright side though, when I am done with this, the boat will be that much closer to being a picture of forethought and skillful execution! I am not looking forward to the task but I do anticipate a great feeling of satisfaction when it is done and I can move on towards the next exercise. The greatest satisfaction will come when I am sailing and have to check these compartments for some reason only to find they are not the problem!

My three day weekend is now planned! Oh joy!

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