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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The path forward

I wish I could say that my path forward is as beautiful as what is depicted above. The  photo is misleading in a number of ways when put in contrast to my little endeavor. First, there should be weeds. Weeds would represent the things that I have questions about. I am a novice boat restorer after all and learning as I go. Second, there should be demons who would represent my paying job that keeps me from doing the boaty things that I need and want to do. I hope my manager does not read my blog! Third, the "light at the end" is far too close. I have a virtual world of shit to do and I know it.

Regardless of the above, I have chosen this picture as the "in my face" graphic motivational tool. It is now taped to my bathroom mirror. It is my desktop background on my work and home computers. It is taped to my windshield!  As I have said before, I do not do winter very well and I need this kind of thing to make me go outside when it is cold! Actually, this picture is a very good tool for me. I know what I need to do (clear path), I should keep focused (path is bounded) and there is a goal (the bright sunlight at the end).

Talking about this picture is not the reason I got online to update my blog. Outlining my immediate path forward is/was however. So, without further ado!

Critical path: (things that need to get done before the new engine goes in)

Um.......I need to really think about this further. I wrote a bunch of stuff but it was not long before I realized that more thought is in order. I can say this though, I need to replace through hulls and install the fuel tank. Both of those seemingly simple tasks open cans of worms as big as Barry!

I shall return with the answers!


  1. Jimmy, where in FL?
    Brian, Jax,FL

  2. I am from Okeechobee but I have been living in Kentucky for the past four years. I can not wait to get back home!