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Saturday, June 30, 2012

105° Scaffolds

It was 105° yesterday and I needed something to do that could be done in the shade. So, I built these two scaffolds!

They even stack! They stand 5'8" tall and are kinda heavy but very stout. I am going to thru-bolt the legs to beam joint this morning for a little added security. They will also get a coat of Thompson's Wood Sealer.

I dragged them out of the shade and next to the boat for this shot. 8pm-ish.

I have two PT 2"x8"x10's as planks. I am going to attach a 2"x4"x8' and an end stopper to the bottom of each plank to stiffen them up and keep them from sliding off the scaffolds. Job not quite done but close enough to blog about it and pump my chest!

I tried to do some recore work on the side decks using the ladder and kneeling. That proved way to dangerous so making these was the next logical step.

Forecast is 102° today with rain tonight and tomorrow :(

Fair winds...._/)

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