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Thursday, June 30, 2011


After much delay, Cookie (Scout) is in Kentucky! I cannot express how good it feels to actually have the boat right here within my reach. I can walk outside and touch it, caress it, climb aboard with my captains hat on and daydream of being on the ocean while Jimmy Buffet croons on the stereo. I have not actually done that yet but with enough beer in me I just might! All of my co-workers, friends and neighbors think I am crazy anyway, why not prove them to be correct!

I can only imagine the anxiety that cruisers must feel when they have to leave their boat in a foreign port and fly home or whatever. I have not experienced that but I can tell you that the last month has been a long one filled with doubts. Since leaving Cookie in Annapolis five weeks ago, I have been stressing out over the details of getting her here to Kentucky. I am exaggerating a little when I say stressed because I had some very good help in achieving this milestone.

The staff at Ferry Point Marina actually made this whole boat transport affair a memorable and pleasant experience. First they recommended TNT Marine Haulers (John Richards 410-897-2080). John proved to be a real professional with reasonable rates. The marina then did an outstanding job of securing and preparing the boat for John to transport. I could have just as easily gotten mixed up with a marina who doesn't give a shit or a hauler who only sees dollar signs. I have always gone out of my way to be fair, friendly and kind, maybe that good karma is now paying off?

So now I begin the next phase of the plan which is refitting and restoring this mighty Alberg 30 to her former glory. First up is removing the A4 engine. I will waste no time on this and expect to have it out early next week. By the way, I read in the Palm Beach Post that a boat exploded and burned to the waterline off of Singer Island on Tuesday killing one and severely injuring another. It happened when they attempted to start their inboard gas engine. Human error yes but if it had been a diesel those people would be telling fish stories right now. Of course no engine would be even better but that is not an option for me considering my plans :)

And now...BOAT PORN!

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Faster than blue garbage cans!


  1. It seems that you have a long term plan worked out and the necessary "stuff" to accomplish your goal. I look forward to stories of your adventures from tropic ports of call in the future. Fare well my friend!

  2. Thank you Anonymous for recognizing my ambition and also for being the first person to comment on the blog! I was giving away 12 megagazillion dollars to the first commentor but since your anonymous I will have to give it to the (blank)

  3. Sure is nice to see progress in each other's lives! You will LOVE it out here! We have had a rolly night or two and have two anchors out at the moment... A wave placed enough of a load on the dinghy the other night that one of the D-rings ripped out of our ten year old inflatable, but it is by far where we prefer to be... YOUR time is coming soon. Many lessons to share if you get bored. We are still repairing things from the last 1600 mile trip.
    Glad to see you have taste in boats!

    David & Brenda aboard "Ceilidh" in St. Thomas

  4. Woo hoo! Congrats on getting the boat to Kentucky safely. We've sat in our boat's cockpit many times listening to Jimmy Buffet tunes in the backyard. Why not? Now the fun begins!