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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why name the boat Cookie?

As I mentioned in the previous post, I will be renaming the boat to "Cookie". This was a big decision since it is a major ordeal to de-name and then re-name a boat properly. I will explain that process in greater detail in a later post.

Cookie was not my first choice actually. I had chosen a different name, "Bahala Na!", over a year ago long before I even had the boat. Bahala na is a Filipino term roughly meaning "Happen what may!" or "I will do all I can do and leave it to God to take care of the rest". The term is really more of a Filipino national philosophy and is ingrained into their culture. This is why you will be hard pressed to find a Filipino that is not happy even if they have nothing to their name and apparently living a sub-human existence. They are happy no matter what and the bahala na concept is why. This is why I chose this term as the name of my boat at first. It fits my personality (Ako pinoy) and I thought it would be an interesting conversation starter.

I recently changed my mind though. It was the weekend after Mother's Day and my sister had posted a picture of our mom on Facebook. I was admiring the picture when suddenly I realized that memorializing my mother by naming the boat after her was a much better idea. After all, are not boats traditionally named after women? My mother's name was Shirley but all of her family knew her as Cookie. It was her childhood nickname and I can still remember my grandparents calling her that. So there you have it. How and why I decided to not name the boat after a Filipino philosophy and instead name it after a beautiful, fiery red head!


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