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Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have compiled a list of things I need to do to the boat in order to make this whole thing happen. It is somewhat in chronological order but then again it is not. Working on a boat is not as cut and dried as say, mowing the grass. For every move forward there may be three or four steps sideways that need to be addressed first. Anyway, I did try to put them in some kind of order and group them together and it is not complete, I might add. This process has been enlightening because for the first time I realize what a monumental task just getting the boat ready will be! I will not mention the other monster of getting rid of all my stuff that will not be going with me! That is proving to be painful and emotionally draining. Anyway, here is the honey-do list:

Buy a boat - COMPLETE! April 2011
Have trailer made for boat - COMPLETE! May 2011 Sail Trailers of Columbus, GA.
Move boat to my crib  - COMPLETE! June 29, 2011

▪ Construct plastic/pvc cover over boat
Remove all exterior fittings, check for core rot, repair where needed
▪ Replace hull to deck bolts (gah this will suck)
▪ Fill all existing holes, repair cracks, glass over the hull to deck joint
▪ Sand the decks, sand some more, sand sand sand!
▪ Paint the decks, cabin and cockpit
▪ Reinstall exterior fittings with backing plates
▪ Install large hatch over engine in cockpit
▪ Apply no-skid paint where needed
▪ Sand and paint the hull above the waterline
▪ Strip and re-paint the bottom (anti-fouling)

Remove old gas engine and all of its componentsCOMPLETE! Sept 2011
▪ Install garboard drain in bilge
▪ Degrease the engine compartment and bilge
Remove old head, holding tank and all fittingsCOMPLETE! Sept 2011
Remove the old icebox COMPLETE! Sept 2011
Remove all thru-hull fittings, glass over the holes - Partially complete! All old thru-hulls are out
Remove all old wiring  - COMPLETE!
▪ Install new bronze seacocks in engine compartment/galley
▪ Remove aft saloon bulkheads
▪ Reconfig/build new settee port & strbrd
▪ Insulate interior above water line
▪ Build new icebox/refrig
▪ Reconfig/build cabinets
Install new stoveWent with kerosene, no installation, COMPLETE!
▪ Install new bronze seacocks in galley
▪ Paint engine compartment/bilges/under cabinets/anchor compartment with bilgecoat
Build/install composting head in foreward cabin
Install new water tanks in forward cabin (possibly in bilges also) - Existing 30gal tank found to be good.

▪ Plan out new wiring diagram
▪ Build battery compartment
▪ Rewire entire boat
▪ Install new lighting (LEDs)/outlets
▪ Install new instrumentation
▪ Install SSB radio with exterior grounding plates (antennae will be backstay fitted)
▪ Install VHF radio and antennae
▪ Install CD/Ipod/AM-FM radio (this is a need, not a want!)
▪ Install GPS antennae
▪ Install radar (this is a want, not a need)

▪ Install new fuel tank(s)
▪ Install new diesel engine/shaft/pilot bearing/stuffing box (Big job!)
▪ Install exhaust system
▪ Install engine gauges (where they wont get wet!)
▪ Insulate engine compartment
▪ Install Kerosene tank with exterior and interior fittings
▪ Install zincs

▪ Build new companionway hatch
▪ Build new lazarette hatch
▪ Repair forward hatch (new lexan)
▪ Re-seat all portlights (windows) I may glass in the big ones or replace with some that open
▪ Build D5 wooden dinghy (I may opt for an inflatable zodiac type tender)

▪ Build anchor sprit
▪ Buy and Install a windlass (maybe, not a need)  - BOUGHT!
▪ New standing rigging
▪ New running rigging
▪ Replace winches with self-tailing (maybe, not a need) - Bought 2 new ST winches
▪ Build/install arch on aft deck for radar, antennas and solar panel(s)
▪ Replace vents with solar powered Nicos
▪ New heavy duty dodger
▪ Run jack lines/purchase safety harnesses and tethers
▪ Purchase new mainsail, repair old sails
▪ Install new "Mack-Pack" sail cover/lazy jacks
▪ Install outboard chainplates on exterior of hull
▪ New boom with internal reefing - NO!
▪ Purchase anchor chain/rode+Manson anchor+fluke type anchor (already have a 35# CRQ)
▪ Compile rigging and sail repair kit
▪ Compile engine part kit
▪ Buy Marine 3000 medical kit
▪ Buy netbook backups for my Toughbook
▪ Buy a life raft
Water maker - Bought 20gph RO

▪ Go on 3 month shakeout cruise in the Bahamas
▪ Fix what broke in Bahamas, tweak everything else
▪ Leave for good on trans-ocean voyage!

April, 2013 is the target date for the last bulleted item! I have my work cut out for me but my determination and desire to make this happen is greater than the sum of this list!

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