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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Starboard cockpit decks

A little more good news. No rot encountered on the starboard side cockpit deck! This was an area that I thought was going to be ate up because of all of the holes. Upon further inspection it appears that each was sealed with silicone. I had not noticed this when I was taking everything off. The fuel fill holes were a little discolored where the silicone had wore away but the balsa seems fine.

I am going to patch the fuel fill holes later along with some others. Grinding them out would have made a mess and delayed filling the hardware holes. Here is the deck, hardware holes sawed out to 1" and 1-1/4", dremeled for recess and cleaned up ready for expoxy. I drilled out some of of my test bores too but not all. 

And filled with epoxy mixed with milled fiberglass and later leveled with thickened epoxy.

Small update, I know. I played golf on Saturday and I still feel guilty three days later!

Fair winds...._/)

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