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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Stuffing Box-Shaft Log Details

Ariel CD 36 asked a few questions in a previous post and I would like to answer in detail. What better way to do that than with pictures!

I was originally planning to re-use the shaft log/bearing housing that was on the boat. But after removing it I noticed that the hole through the deadwood was much larger than the log. This created a situation where there was very little space around the hole, on the sides especially, for bedding material. By my measurements it was 1/8" on the sides. 1/8" of caulk between me and sinking is not enough! You might be able to see it here:

Alberg 30s around the world have floated for years with this situation without trouble. The previous owner did warn me that this joint was leaking and needed attention. After finally getting the old housing and log out I saw an opportunity for improvement. The hole measures 1-3/4" diameter by the way.

Here is the old housing and log, 10-1/4" in total length:

And what it looked like on the inside before removal. It was a very tight fit which made getting to the hose clamps difficult.

Fast forward now to somewhat recently. I decided on replacing the entire assembly with a new FRP log and bronze stuffing box from Spartan Marine Hardware. I had also decided to jump up to a 1" shaft so some of the sizes I will be quoting are not standard.

The tube is 12" G10 FRP, 1-1/2" OD and 1-1/4" ID. Spartan machined the tube, installed the bearing (size BOSS) and secured the bearing with three set screws which are in turn secured with SS wire in a machined groove around the outside.

The bearing

The other end

They also machined a 2" wide area of the outside of the bearing end for me. This is so I would have a good surface for glassing it in. Very nice of them.

The stuffing box that I went with is Spartan part no. B155. It is a notched end 1" shaft and 1-1/2" hose. Perfect match for the log! I say that because stock A30s have always had an issue with this connection. Anyway, here are some closeups of the box:

It does require special wrenches

But they also offer 12 notches rather than the usual 8 sides of a typical hex box.

There is it Ariel CD 36! I know I over did it but thats just me :)

Fair winds...._/)


  1. Great info! Very interesting. I'll get my rear in gear and update the A30 blog today with some pictures. Thanks again!

  2. Oh, and I don't think you're over doing it. I'm a belt and suspenders guy myself, so I say keep "over doing" it.